Monday, May 18, 2015


How hard is your heart and foggy my eyes?
I struggle to find any truth in your lies
I'm running so hard I can't feel my feet
I have no time to dance to your beat

I'm done with you and your 'love'
For so long I've let you push and shove
Well I am not your slave, nor your punching bag
I am so done putting up my white flag!

I deserve so much more
So I am finally slamming the door
And changing the lock
To you this may come as a shock

But I am perfectly fine on my own!
I feel safer when I am alone
For too long I've done whatever you wanted me to
Let you punch me black and blue . . .

Well, I am done, so farewell
Do enjoy your eternity in hell.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Little one, Last one, Lonely one





Where did all the noise go?
What happened to the children running to and fro?
Nothing makes a sound anymore
All the children went out the door

All sound stopped
Because our family got chopped



Chopped in half
Now it's a rare thing to hear someone laugh

Why did everyone go away?
Why did no one stay and play?
Grew up, that's what everyone did
They decided to stop being a kid

Everyone moved out . . .
I remember when everyone would shout
Because with all the noise it was hard to be heard
Everyone insured
That they'd be back
But there bags they pack

Some visit, some don't
Grow up I won't!
Because this family of ten is now only five
And I strive



To keep feeling alive


I feel like it's not only this family that's been chopped in half




Every time this house they flee
I feel like they're taking a part of me
And it's a hard thing to be ripped apart
Every time they leave it breaks my heart

Off without me they go . . .
What happened to the children running to and fro?

Monday, May 11, 2015


Home is where the heart is at
Home is where you go to chat
A sweet warm lullaby
That to you will never die
A beautiful caring smile
A huge laundry pile
A wonderful game night
A grumpy old fight
Children piled on the floor
Stomping feet and slamming a door
A mother that loves to cook
A nice short story book
Toys and games everywhere
And parents that help and care

Many things come and go
Many yeses turn into no
Quite a few smiles turn upside down
Because often all you can do is frown
Sometimes real family's can put you in a stir
Sometimes your eyes start to tear and blur
But know that I'll always be right here
Because I love you like my own child, dear
Who cares if we're not related by blood?
It may be thicker than water, but not mud
We are bound together by bigger things
Bound together by god, not kings
You were put in my life for a reason, dear
And I hope you know you're always welcome here

Thursday, May 7, 2015


As I lie here all alone
hoping for a call on the phone
I realize after all these years
and as my death nears
that I have no friends
to be here when it all ends

And I suppose it is all my fault
because I locked my heart in a vault
I would not let anyone be near
because I was afraid that when they got here
my heart would break inside that vault
so I admit it is my fault
that no one's here for me
I locked up my heart and threw away the key
so there are no friends to share
any memories and actually care

I am here alone and dying
yet I don't believe anyone is crying
It has been a lonely life
full of troubles and strife
but it has not been full of
any friends or any love

I am truly sorry for all I have done
but most of all I'm sorry I never tried to have fun

Monday, May 4, 2015

For Too Long

Running, running
it's what I do best
I cannot stop
nor take a rest
for I have done
something terribly wrong
that's why I've been running
for so long

You're head you
would shake
if you learnt
of my mistake
for it is far too stupid
you see
my mistake is
I'm running from me

And I think I
always will
for as I run
I kill
the hearts of those
who love me
my own heart I
locked with a key

I started running
because I was scared
I was scared because I lost
the only one who cared
but now I have
nowhere to run
a thousand times
they shall shun

For as you know I've done
something terribly wrong
that something is
I've been running for far too long