Sunday, September 18, 2022


If I were a mystery 
And this was a clue
Maybe you could find me
Buried beneath everything you thought you knew

Denying it one more time
Eroding my very core
All it wastes is my prime
Maybe I don't want to waste it anymore

If I just keep holding on
If I continue to wait
Confined inside the lines you've drawn
Will your feelings abate?

Or am I just prolonging 
An inevitable storm
Striving for a sense of belonging
And love to keep me warm

If I remain a mystery
And all my explanations you refuse 
Just be careful I don't find me
Before you realize how much you've got to lose

Sunday, September 4, 2022


It's all just days and days
They added up quite fast
It's all an ongoing attempt
To create something that will last

Something worth holding onto -
To be worth it to someone
Something to grow into
When it's all said and done

It's all just little moments
Adding up every day
It's all a futile attempt 
At finding the right words to say

Because words always fall flat
In comparison to 
The brightness in your eyes
And what I feel for you

It's all just chemicals
Bouncing around inside my head
It's all comfort and warmth
Filled with flames that we fed

Been burning for a year now
But that's silly, you know -
It started long before then
I just tried not to let it show

It's all just a choice
I've chosen you every day
It's all comfort and warmth
Knowing I wouldn't want it any other way