Sunday, October 29, 2017


Careful little eyes what you see
Eyes absorb the words and form opinions about me
Careful little ears what you hear
You think the tone of my voice often hides a tear
Careful little mouth what you say
Truly know someone before trying to make them okay

But careful little hands what you write
You're going to give your relatives an awful, awful fright
Careful little fingers what you type
Your mother's worries and fears will make her fret and gripe
Careful little mouse what you post
The percentage of things you say that concern people is, well, most

So careful little mind what you think
Stretching your horizon will only make people's impressions of you shrink
Careful little soul where you wander
While chasing after stars you'll often encounter thunder
Careful little brain what you dwell on
People will start to think your smile's just a con

So careful, careful little girl what you show
Of your pondering they do not want to know
Careful little child of staying young
If they see how much you've grown they'll burst a heart or lung
So careful little being what you do
Because I don't know if the world is quite ready for you

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Even So

I've given up on life
Can you really blame me?
I've given up on life
Do you really think you can save me?

You don't know what to say
But I can't really blame you
I don't know what to say
And I can't ever change you

I just wanted to warn you
Of your lack of direction
Just wanted to show you
Your lack of perception

When will I get the chance again?
What?  In my lifetime?
When will she get the chance again?
To waste this one would be a crime

You hypocritic snot
I never had a shot
I'll never be enough
Though I give all I've got

There's nothing left to say
Not to the likes of you
But words still spill out
And my longing grew

I have a bad habit
Of driving people away
You have a bad habit
Of hating to stay

Substitute "life"
For a little word meaning "you"
Because you find meaning in my words
That just isn't true

And you find reasons in the air
To shut me out
And you find emotions on my face
That are so untrue I want to shout

Perhaps I read you wrong as well
Perhaps I am the one to blame
Even so . . .
It all ends the same

I will not follow you down
Just to have you sneer at me
I cannot drag you up
Because you won't work with me

So I've given up on you
Go ahead and blame me
But I can't keep dancing for you
And you won't ever change for me

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Play so care-ful-ly
Sing unto thee
Going one-two-three

Might I say
You look nice today
Dressed in black
Cry for what you now lack

Now might we
Dance for one-two-three
Twirl with me
Joyful de-ci-ded-ly

Do you hear the beat?
No small feat
For us to meet
In the numbered heat

Don't lose count, we
Go one-two-three
Number me
So I fit per-fect-ly

Numbered days
E-ffect-ing my ways
Did you not notice
The things we miss?

Do you feel it, the
Ruling you and me

Skips and jumps
Loaded tongues and bumps
Sorry to push passed
But thoughts don't last

Not quite the same
Still in the game
Of one-two-three
No escape for me

Break the mold
Pes-si-mis-tic, cold
But deep down
You don't get why we frown

Evolve, world!
Re-al-i-ty curled
Into an unreal ball
Down we fall

"You make no sense!
Where is the - hence?
"What is your point?
Will you dis-a-ppoint?"

Prob-ab-ly, yes
Cuz life's a mess
No reason or rhyme
Just keeping time

Off on a tangent
Give a hint
To life's purpose
Will it be worth less?

Space is needed
Words aren't heeded
Actions aren't done
Yeah!  Now we've not won!

Call us a mess
Say it's pointless
Maybe they should point less
Won't confess

The moral isn't-
Speed, tangent!
Run from the questions
Someone mentions

Stop! You've run too far
Hello, bar
Can't ever reach you
Though I set you

Again; one-two-three
No escape for me