Sunday, August 28, 2016


I see your eyes when ours meet
Their cold intenseness makes my heart skip a beat
Is it like that for you when you glance mine?
Do you think my eyes sparkle and shine?
What is it you see
That makes you want to look at me?
Out of everyone around, why think me the best?
Is it only my physical aspects that peak your interest
Or can you see passed all that?
Ha.  The lie I'm telling myself is getting rather fat
For how could it be when we've never even spoke?
I seem to be playing myself a big fat joke

But why do you never approach, why do you only stare?
And why do you look when you don't seem to care?
I'm turning into a person I'd never thought I'd be
A person who needs someone else in order to be happy
On days you don't look, I wonder what I've done wrong
And I used to think myself so independent and strong
Yet now my smile so easily falls
And I get scared, surrounded by these walls
I've turned into a person I never wanted to be
Oh, you devil, stop looking at me!
But I'm already ensnared, it's already too late
I do not know how to escape my fate

You smile at me and I melt inside
You've said nothing, but still you have lied
Your eyes told of love, of dazzling grace
Understanding and forgiveness were written on your face
Yet all you have done is make me weak
And inside my well of morality there's sprung a leak
You approach and the last drop of it runs out
You take my hand and I have no strength to shout
You stroke my cheek, then press your lips to mine
And I know my eyes no longer sparkle and shine
With the joy and innocence that they used to show
I want to scream it, but can just barely pull away and whisper "No."

You frown in confusion, then go to kiss me again
I dodge your lips, turned pale and thin
"No," I say, louder this time
You finally speak, saying, "But you've already committed the crime."
But that does not mean I have a right to commit it once more
It does not mean I have no chance of swimming back to shore
It does not mean I can't try to get back my strong core
It does not mean I can't turn around and walk back out that door
So I turn and leave, my morality awoken
Because now I am damaged, but I am not broken
And damaged does not mean I'm not worth anything
Damaged does not mean I no longer deserve a king

It does not mean my heart cannot sing
It does not mean I can never wear a wedding ring
It just means that, once, I fell
It just means I've learned how to keep full my morality well
It just means that, for a time, I was wrong
But that just means that now I am once again strong
Because, yes, I fell, but I rose again
I climbed back up and repented from my sin
I am damaged, but I can also be fine
Because once again joy can be mine
Because my past mistakes do not define
Me, nor my eyes that once again shine 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Up To You

You have eyes
You have ears
You have strengths
And you have fears

Stand up
Hold your head high
Take a deep breath
Let yourself cry
You have emotions
You can feel
You can face
What is real

Don't hide from life
Learn when to stay
Stand proud
You'll be okay
Listen and heed
But know you have a choice
Learn to sometimes hold your tongue
But know you have a voice

Sometimes talk
Other times hold
Listen politely
And be bold
It's all so confusing
It's all such a mess
But you'll be fine
As long as you learn and notice

Notice that others
Are struggling too
Notice how often
A smile is blue
Notice and
Don't spend every minute on your phone
Notice that
You are not alone

Learn that
You are worth it
Learn when
To hold on or forget
Learn to
Hold your head high
Learn that
They have no right to make you cry

Or hold a grudge
Give a push
Or a gentle nudge
Make a choice
It's up to you
Just remember
To always be true