Sunday, May 29, 2022

Pieces & Bits

If I wait long enough
Will the words come?
If I think about it till I'm calloused and rough 
Then can I stay numb?
If none of it fits -
Who am I supposed to be?
Composing erratically 
Left with all these pieces and bits

If it takes too much time
When should I refrain?
If I don't embody the paradigm 
Will it always be a bane?
If I can't be what you crave
Might I satisfy myself instead?
Gather up every bit of skin I've tried to shed -
But that isn't the proper way to behave 

If it never comes at all
Is that really such a loss?
If I question every footfall
How will I ever cross?
If I don't know where I'm going
Would you help me find my way
Without asking me to stray
In a direction I'm not growing?

If I go where you don't want me to
Will you try to prune me?
If you don't like the way I grew
Will you accept who I want to be?
If I show you every lost lot and crumb
Picking up all the pieces and bits
Finding where everything truly fits -
Then can the words start to come?

Sunday, May 15, 2022

May It Ever Be

What is there to say?
Another year - another day
Building it all up, watching it all fray
Places to go, but I haven't found my way
Just what am I supposed to say?

What have I said so far?
Trying always to reach that bar
Stretching up to caress each star
Soothing every bruise and scar
What in the world have I said so far?

What am I supposed to do?
Something good - something true
Promise always to see it through
If only the way I knew
Just what am I supposed to do?

What have I done worthwhile?
None of it is tactile 
None of it important enough to compile 
Aside from meriting your smile 
What else could possibly be as worthwhile?

So what is there I could possibly say?
How can I accurately convey 
All the things that have and have not gone my way
In my twentieth year and a day?
I'm still just beginning to find my way

So what is there that I might find
In a world that isn't always kind
In my heart and in my mind
With my thoughts so intertwined?
May it ever be: never ending moments where the stars are aligned