Sunday, May 30, 2021

Hold My Breath

If you tire of trying
    And I tire of letting you
We'll get around to dying
    Nothing else to do
I'll give up on complying
    Death is a battle all lose
    Wearing slowly at my muse

Lie to me awhile
    And if I can't believe
Let my mouth fill with bile
    I'll tear the heart from my sleeve
Hold tightly to your smile
    Take what I can get
    Forgive you so you can forget

Of all that remains -
    Of all that is left -
Let it run through my veins 
    Raging and bereft 
Desired all these pains
    You gave them to me willingly
    Often and so wantonly

Make it better someday
    Undo all you did
You've nothing left to say
    Telling all they forbid 
Better to cut ties when they fray
    Only to pick up the pieces
    But it all still decreases 

Reality pulls at me
    Remember - it all ends in death
Echoes of all I gave freely
    Echoing - I'll hold my breath
And pull back at reality
    And wait for you to breathe
    Till my blood begins to seethe 

Tire of it all and let go
    Hold only that which feels right
Hold on until there's nothing left to show
    Etch it into our hearts and watch it fade out of sight

Saturday, May 15, 2021

A Place To Begin

Dusting off the day
Enter my head - what shall it say?
After all that's happened since the last
Recalling all that has passed

I suppose I've once again spun
Around our blazing, boiling sun
Making fading memories
Nodding softly in the breeze 
Oh, they've only just begun

To dance they're twisting, spiraling dance
Winding down each choice and chance
Hold on tight - we've time left still
And a lifetime of blank space to fill

Take my hand and run with me -
Yesterday's gone and I've things to see
Over the mountains and through the sky
Until I've nowhere left to fly
Hunting every possibility 

All I must do first is quit
Doubting myself and shrugging a forfeit
Try as many times as I must
Hands aren't meant for collecting dust

Of all the things I could be and have been
Up to this point, and after my twentieth spin -
Gathering new things to try for a while
Holding onto the ones that make me smile -
Til the end, there's no end - just a place to begin

Sunday, May 2, 2021


Too many things rushing to the surface 
Give me time to sort them out
It's all a bit confusing now
Each word full of doubt

And what's the reason now?
Can't pinpoint the source 
All the future longing
Or all the past remorse

I'll step outside and watch the world
Spinning til I close my eyes
Pretend it's all concrete and still
Cocooned in all these lies

Grit my teeth and hold on tight
Time's still slipping from my skin
It smooths and wrinkles
Scars and fades again

Couldn't it all just stop for now?
Your body still warm beside me
I want all the moments back
Hold them for eternity 

I'll step inside and close the curtains 
Get lost inside my head
The morning sun attempts to rouse me
But I'll just stay in bed

Bite my lip and look away
Time takes everything, I know
In all the fleeting seconds
And years that pass so slow

Too many things settling on the surface
Getting tired of setting them straight 
Treasure each moment that I can
Before it becomes too late