Monday, October 19, 2015

The Same

Can you see
The blood in my eyes
Or do we all look the same
When we all look the other way
Can you hear
My pained cries
Or do we all sound the same
When you've turned your back away

Can you taste
All the lies
Or does it all taste the same
When you're the one who has to pay
Can you smell
The death in the skies
Or does it all smell the same
When you're going to die anyway

Can you feel
Their demise
Or does it all feel the same
When you're not okay
Can you think
Anything wise
Or is it all the same
When you've been a puppet all your day

You are alive
So won't you realize
That you don't have to be the same
When they aren't you can still be okay

Don't advert your eyes
Don't ignore their cries
Don't accept the lies
Look to the skies
And mourn their demise
Try to be wise
And help them realize
That they, too, can take the prize

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Shining Eyes

Protect her
'Protect who?'
The small girl
With eyes of blue

Bring her home
'Where is she?'
In Who Knows Where
. . . away from me

Make her smile
'Why must I?'
I'm not there
So she may cry

'If she's so sad
Why did she go?'
She doesn't like
To be told no

What if
She's not okay
But I can't help her
From far away?

She's just a child
But she doesn't think so
I want to protect her
But where she is I don't know

So protect her for me
Make her smile
Because for her to be back
May take a while

Keep her safe
Without a tear in her eye
And when you see her next . . .
Don't bother asking why

Because I know why she left
But that doesn't change the fact
That even though I wanted her to stay
Her bags she packed . . .

Little blue eyed girl
Won't you come back home?
This dark earth
Is not a nice place to roam

Let your eyes shine
With happiness instead of tears
Even if far away
I'll love you all of my years

Monday, October 5, 2015

Just Might

I've never liked to say goodbye
Because in the end I always cry
And I can't seem to get it through my head
That after all the tears that I have shed
There's still more goodbyes to be said

I've never liked to talk at all
Because my mouth just makes me fall
And after all the apologies I have made
For doing things that hadn't been okayed
I'm still unable to repent from not having stayed

I've never liked to fall asleep
Because the shadows in my room seem to creep
The wind howls through the air
Eyes all around seem to stare
And I wonder if in the morning I'll still be there

I've never liked to walk alone
Without any aid or phone
So I'll stay locked up tight
Surrounded by light
So I might not fear the night

I've never liked to make a friend
Because then I'm just wondering when it will end
Because I know the friend will go away
In a year or in a day
And when they do . . . it won't feel okay

But goodbyes must be said
Apologies must be bled
Sometimes we have to sleep
Out into the world we have to peep
And we often need a friend to help us take that leap

So I'll say hello, and later say goodbye
I'll ask for forgiveness and if not given I'll try not to cry
I'll do my best to sleep at night
I'll try my hardest not to give in to fright
And if someone who could be my friend comes along . . . I just might