Sunday, October 27, 2019

Validate Me

Been feeling pretty low
Because . . . I don't know
Dry the tears - let it go

Gentle thoughts turn rough
Keep your chin up, be tough
But I just don't feel good enough

Happiness, it comes and goes
Hoping the pain never shows
No one has time for your woes

Coldness soaks through my skin
I've won before, but I never feel like I win
Dry your face, begin again

Smile; no use in spreading the pain
Watch the crescent wax and wane
Palms reached out, I catch only rain

Highs and lows, can't let them see
Reaching out for attention, I'm trapped and free
Dry my tears for a moment - validate me

Tell me I matter, that I'm important too
Give me approval, give me value
Mine isn't good enough - I need it from you

But it never lasts, the value you grant
The compliments you give, the flatter you chant
Eventually you leave, and I'm left unconfident

It doesn't last, this outside stuff
So this version of me I'll try to slough
Dry the tears - tell myself I am enough

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Everything Will Be -

Lament once more
     These passing days
Affirm with passion
     All that did blaze
Coldly, I watched them
     They burned out and died
Knowing nothing
     They shouldn't have tried

Learn one thing
     If nothing more
Understand this
     Fix it to your core
Softly, watch the tears
     They spilled out and dried
Telling nothing
     You shouldn't have lied

Everything will be -
     But none of it is fine
Rehearsed with feeling
     It's an overused line
Don't tell me
     What it is I feel
Resilient and layered
     Watch me peel

I thought I knew
     But that was just in my head
Vehement and fickle
     Don't trust what I said
Even so, I demand
     Hearken to my appeal
Lament once more
     What I thought was real