Sunday, April 30, 2017

Round And Round

Running out of things to say
But so much has been left unsaid
Tired of life moving so fast
But I so don't want to be dead
Daydreaming has gotten old
But I still play them in my head

Pumping iron day and night
With my body and my mind
Trying to move so very fast
But I still feel left behind
Holding down the fast-forward
While still pressing the rewind

Living in the moment leaves
No point for plans or school
But living for the future leaves
No time to relax or cool
So how am I supposed to live?
Perhaps I am just a fool

Only the strong will survive
But the meek will inherit the earth
Only work will pay off
But I was given these genes at birth
If someday I will die
Then what is life really worth?

The fear of death, of nothingness
Has inspired many a great thing
The fear of being forgotten
Has inspired many a king
I try to fill the nothingness
But my words can't make it sing

Where will I go when I die?
Who is to say?
Many nations have afterlives
Did they just make them up to feel okay?
My soul will go on for eternity
Or maybe just a day

People are dying all the time
While others are being born
People are laughing and having fun
While others cry and mourn
So how can I know what to feel
Aside from feeling torn?

And so I go, round and round
Questions circle inside my head
I don't want to say anymore
But so much has been left unsaid
I don't want to wonder anymore
But I so don't want to be dead

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Speaking Of Things

A splash and a bang
A hug and a fang
You know my name
But you don't know my game

Spinning out rhymes
Not keeping up with the times
Of unrhymed verse
My gift and my curse

Lyrics stuck in my head
Keeping me awake in bed
But in the morning, where'd they go?
My pencil does not know

Speaking of things
And unfalled kings
Their followers risen
Puts them in a prison

My point here is
Don't too much enjoy the fizz
In the pop of life
In the end it cuts like a knife

As long as you pay
They can't take it away
But they can still glare
And say it's unfair

Life is a balancing act
Balance in my life has been lacked
And so I fall again and again
But I swear someday I will win

Oh, but isn't that convenient?
Ramrod straight splint
Holding my head high
Aside from when I bow it and cry

I do not know where to end
I do not know how to make a friend
Mystery upon mysteries
But for now the mystery of my words will freeze 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Between You And Me

But what?

Empty as a cut

Trying to stay shut.

What have you done?

Enter with none

Exit and run

Neither has a gun

Yieldings no fun

Others do shun, but not

Under the sun.

After it all

Nothing's too small, and

Danger does call

Many will fall, but you're