Sunday, June 27, 2021


In the twilight hours it may call me
Winding time beneath my stare
In the darkness where it's lonely
Laying with tangled fingers in my hair

Lost in selfish fancies
Night seeps into my skin
Ocean waves roar in the breeze
Tides bring what was lost back in

Yet what must be gone forever
Is what I really want
Each night will endeavor
Like an echo, to trick and haunt

Don't listen to the whispers
Their promises run dry
Heart covered in blisters
Over the cracks that bleed through each eye

Ugly as that makes me
Growing weaker every day
Haggard and forlornly 
 . . . You just had to have your way

Oceans of water surrounding -
Understand, they couldn't hurt
Half as much as this hounding -
A fraction of remembering how we used to flirt

Used to, but nevermore
Now that I know what you truly are
Tempests whirl within your core
 . . . Memories still cling to me like tar

Etched yourself into my heart -
Tear it out and start anew
Ignite my soul, allow me a restart
Love is so much truer without you

Darkness yet follows
Echoing "til death do us part, you said"
And in the desperate attempt to claim this rose
Tempests rise around my head
Hold too tightly, and I am dead

Sunday, June 13, 2021


I'll invite you along -
Will you stick around for me?
I'm so tired of being wrong
Lost in misplaced sincerity
Lose yourself in me

Slight adjustment - try again
Clinging to what they know
Rationalizing all the pain
Eternity isn't enough space to grow

All along the far off coast -
Memories that never were
Whisper "What do you want the most?"
Have I ever really been sure?
Eternity isn't enough time to become her

Nestle down deeper still -
Nestle down and suffocate
Once more, reshape your will
Once more, do nothing and wait . . .

Next up - what am I doing next?
Entreat the world, but no answers come 
I'll decide when I'm not so perplexed 
Speak when I'm more numb
Answer when I somehow become -

Really, what am I supposed to be?
Open to all of it, and none
Untie the stars - let them fall on me
Nestle down till it's all done
Don't, and blaze within the sun