Sunday, February 16, 2020

Dust to Dust

Tonight, let's watch our world burn
Holding the flame in my hand
Open, spilt, and empty
Ubiquitous across the land

Gave it all up and away
Holding onto everything you ever said
Alas, it all fell through my fingers
Though attached, I lost my head

Tomorrow, let's scatter the ashes
And leave them in the past
Cast the sentiment away
Holding onto the dreams we amassed

Endeavor to let them go
Dust to dust, they fade
I'll cling to the remnants
Losing most everything we made

Open, spilt, and empty
Shifting through the remains
Though found, I lost my way
My memory wanes

Yesterday we built it all
Held it in our hand
Endeavor now to let it go
Alas, watch it all disband
Dust to dust, it returns to the land

Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Empty Space Between Us

Tell me, if I swear to be honest -
Honestly, would you promise to be kind?
Empty space between us -
Eternity, and so much to find

Moving closer to me
Put your hand in mine
Trace my fingers with yours
Yet they'll never intertwine

Softly, try to close the space
Perhaps it wasn't meant to be
After all of our movement
Couldn't quite bridge the empty

Endeavor to be oblivious -
Bottle up your pain
Echo back the overused phrases -
There's only rainbows after rain . . .

We'll never bridge the space between us
Emptiness will forever separate
Enjoyed fooling myself for awhile
Nonsensical notions we fabricate

Unchallenged and inevitable -
See the space between us accumulate


The Empty Space Accumulated