Sunday, November 28, 2021


Maybe it doesn't mean anything at all
Maybe it's better that way
To let it all fade and forget
Rather than holding onto yesterday -
Because I suppose I had to be lying
When I said that I needed you
Because I'm surviving just fine now
. . . I guess I just wanted you to say it too

And maybe I'll understand it all someday
Or maybe I won't even care
And I'll forget how it felt to have your arms around me
And the feeling of my fingers in your hair -
Because I suppose I had to be lying
Said I'd always love you even though
Love was something you would profess
But never could show

Maybe I was just fooling myself
Maybe it never meant as much as I thought
Because I spent too many tears
On moments that weren't worth being bought -
Because I suppose you had to be lying
When you said I was worth it
When you said you'd hold on this time
And promised we would never be a regret

Maybe there's a lesson to be learned
But I doubt I'll let it sink in
Because I can't quite hide away my heart
Just because of when -
We both lied to ourselves
And to each other too
And let go of everything else
To hold onto me and you

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Everlasting Moments

Take what I can from the day
Hold some of it and release
Empty out my lungs for a moment -

Momentarily find peace
Instead of letting thoughts run circles -
Running rampant in my head
Attempt to find stillness
Collecting all the nice things you've ever said
Like picking out stars
Effulgent in all that onyx 

Overcome by all the noise -
Focus only on the harmonics 

Holding heat in my hands
Out of touch with all the rest
The miracle of hot coffee 

Chasing coldness from my chest
Observe the rising steam
Fluid in the air
Fading with each breath
Ebbing without a care -
Everlasting moments reside there