Friday, March 25, 2022

Hazarding Heptad

Reach for a new sheet of paper
For all the thoughts that weigh
Running out of ink now
Let's put all these words away

Seven years worth of them 
Sure adds up to a lot
Shape them all to form me
And everything I'm not

How to sort through them -
Stacked in pillars about my head
How to deny them -
All the words I ever bled

Sure adds up to a lot -
Dripping out of me everyday
Perhaps I'll take a sabbatical 
And clear all these cuts away

I've earned it now, you see
Seven years giving my best
I'm running out of words now
Seven years worth - how can I fill the rest?

Perhaps this is all I have -
Is there anything worth writing left inside of me?
I'm bound to run dry someday
It's just a question of when that'll be

Asking myself yearly -
What more can I possibly say?
I pick up my pen regardless
And give all my words away

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Dried Paint

Waiting for the grass to grow
And for the paint to dry
Waiting for myself to stop
Watching the night sky

Waiting for the phone to ring
For you to want to talk
Waiting for the seas to drain
And for the trees to walk

Waiting for the lines to sound
Right in every way
Waiting for the pain to leave
And for the love to stay

Waiting for you to show
That you really care
Waiting to breathe in water
And swim through air

Waiting for the storm inside
To finally make a sound
Waiting for it to matter
When I'm not around

Waiting for the courage
Waiting to catch a break
Waiting for my hands to still
And for the mountains to shake

Waiting all of my life
Waiting just to know
That I should have stopped waiting
A long, long time ago