Sunday, February 28, 2021

Morning Dreamer

Maybe I could change it
Or pretend I'm not me
Naturally, forget 

Cast my gaze to the sea
Or perhaps to the sky
Everyone asks why
Until I concede 
Rambling on about it still 

Battering and bruising my will
And my heart may bleed
Till I wake one bland day 

Like one from a cocoon
And life will start to weigh 

Calloused and lonely moon
Had to please everyone
And let go of the sun
Maybe I could change
And chase after what I desire 
Dreaming always of that fire
Escape pressures range 

Pulled back to the morning
Or to a flaming dream
Until they give warning
Rush away from each beam 

Told what to be and do
Oh, if I could be you
I'd choose to be a morning dreamer - it's true

Sunday, February 14, 2021

If We Never Forget

I knew you before we met
    I'll push back the memories and try to forget
Felt things I couldn't admit to yet
    Fading thoughts of what we'll never get

We stayed to watch the credits end
    Writing messages I'll never send
Enjoyed the presence of such a close friend 
    Each heartache is so hard to mend

Never felt like that before
    Not sure what it was all for
Every smile made my heart soar
    Every memory has left my heart sore

Verily amazed by our similarities 
    Vast as our differences may be
Each day connecting more wholly 
    Echoes of each thing you couldn't accept about me

Reality never made more sense, it's true
    Relapsing is still such a tempting thing to do
Felt more myself when I was with you
    Falling in addiction with love too

Our fingers gently intertwined
    Our moments forever stuck in my mind
Rambling words, soft and kind
    Rash decisions that we can't rewind

Gone were the days of loneliness
    Gone are the days I can't help but miss
Etching yourself deeper into my heart with each kiss
    Echoes of such forsaken bliss

Told me you wanted to hold on and we'd never let go of this
    Told me to hold on, and then you let go of us