Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Key To Happiness

When chocolate no longer helps
When the emotions get too strong
When the tears have run out
And everything feels so wrong

I'd like to say, "I'll be there
To help you through the pain"
But I'll be huddled in my bed
Hiding from the rain

I'm no prince charming
No knight so brave
I'm no wonder woman
I don't own a bat cave

I'm just me
And I get scared
I've run away
From people who cared

You see, hearts are so fragile
They so easily break
And my hands are not steady
They so easily shake

Do not hand me your heart
Unless you wish it shattered on the floor
Don't invite me in
Unless you plan to prop open the door

You see, my chest is too strong
My rib cage too thick
My heart must stay put
It is not an apple you can pick

My heart is guarded by Fear
And Expectations
By Worry and Pain
All armed with harsh guns

So, you see, you may not have it
It belongs in my chest
So don't give me yours
If you must, wear a heart-stopping vest

Keep your heart stopped where it is
Or give it to anyone but me
I'm not to be trusted
With your happiness key

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Homograghs Of Life

Tears [water] behind the smile
Tears [rips] inside my heart
Tears shed in secret
Tearing me apart

I feel so alone
In the desert [sand] of my mind
How could you desert [abandon] me?
Combing through the sand, there's nothing to find

I signed a contract [paper] with the devil
That contracts [shrinks] my soul
I signed a contract with the devil
That's turned my resolve to coal

But I object [protest] against their worry
And I deny my [water] tears
Don't treat me like an object [thing]
Made only of pain and fears

I refuse [reject] your hand -
I need no pity from you
Your words are refuse [garbage]
There's nothing you need do

I won't present [display] to you my heart
It's not a present [gift] I will be giving
I loved you in the past
The present [now] is where I am living

I've wound [turned] the clock again
I've erased these wounds [hurt] of mine
So now let me forget you
So I can be fine

The wind [breeze] tousles me hair
While the stars wind [turn] behind my eyes
The muscles open your mouth
And out march the lies

Be gone, cupid's bow!
I bow [kneel] to you no more
Yes, once you were close [near] to me
But now it's time to close [shut] that door

You have no right to tear [rip] me up again
And I will let my eyes tear [cry] no longer
Tears were necessary for the time being
But now it's time to be stronger