Sunday, October 25, 2020


Coldness nipping at my toes
Sun shining on my skin
Forgot how much I missed this
Once more, let me begin -

Forgive all I dislike
Release every silly plan
All the moments I tried to cling to
And all the times I ran

I've been drowning out the silence
And shutting out the snow
Been denying all my thoughts
Trying not to let the feelings show

But they poked through my skin
Red dots peppering my hand
Hold them so they don't shake
While I try to prove I understand

Been waiting for something to happen
Surely, this couldn't last forever
I'll try to enjoy it while it's here
Watch all the old notions sever

I'll bask in sunlight and shiver
I'll watch the world pass by
I'll not forget to breathe
Lying quietly under the sky

Though I never really know
It's nice to pretend
That there's certainty in life
And everything will mend

None of that matters anymore
Time washed away it's meaning
We'll find new things to fret over
The past only occasionally intervening

I'll forgive myself a million times
But it's all imprinted on my skin
I'll relax and cleanse my mind
Once more, let me begin -

Sunday, October 11, 2020

As For Me

The lonely in-between 
For those who never quite belong
In this place or the other
It all feels slightly wrong

As for me, all I want
When it all boils away
Is consistency in myself
And for everything to be okay

But myself, it denies me
Such simplicity of life
And life, it refuses
To be without strife

In between who I am
And what it is you see
Is the idea that I act
The way I think you see me

And I like me the most
When seen through your eyes
Are they rose-colored still?
Have I lost my disguise?

As for me, all I have
At the end of the day
Is a million racing thoughts
And not a whole lot to say

In this in-between
Where it's not one thing nor the other
Your smile means nothing to me
But I'm dying to see another

And nobody quite fits
Not one is like the rest
And no one knows the truth
After everything I've confessed 

It's all ambiguous and vague
Because nothing's absolute
We're all unique and yet the same
So very fickle and resolute 

As for me, I'm in the in-between
Where all of us reside
I'm not quite sure where we're going
But I'll enjoy the ride