Sunday, April 28, 2019

Springtide Thaw

I'll imitate your dazzling smile
Familiar and versatile
Overused all the same
Running short of fervor and flame

Gone are the days of puerility
Ostentatiousness and stability
Took a hold of my heart -
Haggard but never torn apart

Obligingly, I was defeated
Wonder and sincerity all but depleted
Grace and love nowhere to be found
Rain and tears came crashing down

Excellence will never be attained
Exactitude is ingrained
Never without our anxieties
Toughen up and let your smile freeze

Heave a sigh, thaw my face
Engrave in my eyes a little grace
Gash out of my heart the irritating skelf
Returning always to my true self

Atoning for my past mistakes
Soothe and bandage all the aches
Subsume every little fear
Catching every fallen tear

Observe the sunshine on the grass
Understand this too will pass
Light reflecting on the dew
Dancing there, just for you

Beheld with joy, just for awhile
Emulating their selfless smile

Sunday, April 14, 2019


Sometimes I feel like I want to go back
To a time before my mind turned black
Before my heart began to crack
And my skin began to burn
Before you made me learn
About how the world is made to turn

I'll lay with my face turned towards the rain
My back pressed into grass and grain
Watch the moon wax and wane
Drinking in secondhand light
Letting my muscles relax and go tight
Close your eyes and fade into the night

In the nighttime your memory is tactile
In the moment it makes me smile
In the morning my mouth tastes of bile
I'll give no blame for all of this
The cracks and burns that came from our bliss
It was a long shot - we should have known we'd miss

So don't miss me - but don't forget
The secondhand flames we lit
Our highest mountain and our never ending pit
A loving touch and an awful sting
Onto the memory I shan't cling
For there's my moods - watch them swing

I'll watch the clock - see the seconds drip away
Watch the seasons change - now we're okay
Basking in this sunny day
Life's too short to waste time looking back
At our many mistakes and happy memories we lack
As time marches on we'll forget the crack