Sunday, December 26, 2021


Endeavor to paint a picture
Of all the changing skies
I'll do my best to draw in starlight 
So I can see it reflected in your eyes

As it all gets blinked away
I'll sigh and try again
Always trying to remember
What it was like back then

Absorbing all the ink
That leaks from my hand
It's all an endless cycle
Contracting just to expand

Each word is such a struggle
Slipping from my mind
The more I try to build them
The faster they unwind

There's a rhythm and rush now
Pulling at my skin
What am I doing here?
Wasting time again

How long can this go on?
Forever, and just today
It all fades in and out
Searching for something to say

Absorbing words to leak them
Living days to forget
Time marches on
And I haven't figured out the reason for it

Though I relearn it every day
It never sticks around
Though I find it often
There's nothing really to be found

Endeavoring to find a moment
Of surety beneath these skies
I'll breathe in starlight
And watch it reflect in your eyes

Sunday, December 12, 2021

All Else Shall Move

Tangled in starlight
Heaven shining through
Reach for a moment
Of time spent with you

Under this new beginning 
Guess eternally at ours
How we met each other though
An alignment of the stars

Never giving this away
All the brightness in your eyes
Like all the blazing heavens
Ignited by sparked fireflies 

Guided by the breeze
Night's breath in the air 
Moments may be gone
Echoes find us there

New connections shining through
Tracing your fingers with mine
Oblivious to all else
Feelings shiver down my spine 

The stars align just for us
Heaven and cosmos approve 
Ethereal as this is
Stay with me - all else shall move

Tangled in this life
All I want to do -
Reap all of my days
Spend each one with you