Monday, March 21, 2016

Love Lacked

I locked myself in my room just to see if I'd be missed
Put on lipstick just to see if I'd be kissed
Went to you just to get a dismiss
Started climbing just to fall back into the abyss

Couldn't pay the bill because I got mugged
Couldn't taste the vodka because I chugged
Couldn't stay standing because you had to tug
Couldn't get away because you had me trapped in a hug

I smiled and you didn't care that it was faked
I gave you an icy stare and you hit me until it was thawed and baked
I got a job and the money from it you take
I followed in your footsteps and cower in your wake

Couldn't stand up to you because my words choked
Couldn't taste the food because I smoked
Couldn't laugh because you couldn't take a joke
Couldn't care because my heart broke

I broke the TV just because of how much you played
Came home late just because it hadn't been okayed
Stole your laptop just to make you pay
Caused you so much trouble just so you wouldn't chase after me when I ran away

Couldn't stay because I got flogged
Couldn't take anything with me because of how much you hogged
Couldn't run because my legs had been beaten and so took off at a jog
Couldn't care less because I needed to disappear into the fog

I ran away to find the love that you lacked
Went far away and here is a fact
Even if you chase after me and promise that you'll no longer thwack
Even then I am never coming back

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Softly, gently, ebb and flow
Smile warmly, no where to go
Little raindrops falling on our heads
Watering our flowerbeds
Quiet tides rolling on the beach
"Come play with us," they beseech

Dripping and dropping, telling us that
It is raining dogs and cat
Big fat drops rolling down the roof
Soaking all that's not waterproof
Flooding, pushing, stirring the street
Yelling and chanting, "We won't be discreet!"

Thunder and lightning, a crash and a bang
Alarm bells ringing with a clang
Raining, icy drops biting our skin
The devil paying us back for our sin
Crashing waves tipping over a boat
"Don't you love the sea?" the waters quote

Slowly, slowly, the storm slips away
Promises of a better day
No more raindrops, not for now
The clouds leave us with a bow
Moods improve along with the sky
The water waves, "So long and goodbye."