Sunday, February 20, 2022


Ask me questions I can't answer 
Little words that captivate
Light a spark behind my eyes 
Eternity isn't too long to wait
Letting all the old thoughts softly abate

Show me what could never have been
Twisted as it was before
Adrift in crushing upheaval
Yet stagnant at its core
Who knew it could be so much more?

Show me what is possible now
Everything as it should be
Show me all the silver linings 
Held within infinity 
All within a moment of you holding me

I'll answer questions you never asked 
Tangled webs to hide behind
Hidden meanings left undisturbed 
Mysteries you'll never find
Echoes of thoughts I revise and rewind

Light a spark and watch it blaze
Lingering unto the night
Moments stretching into days
Onward into the light
Void of all but warmth and rays
Eternity drifting out of sight

Sunday, February 6, 2022


I'll wander around idly
Tracing patterns in the air
Wondering forever
I'll shut my eyes and stare

Listing things off carefully
Leaping before I look
Taking each step boldly
Thinking of how my hands shook

Still searching for silver linings
In all there is to see
Still trying to find something -
Still searching for me

In all the endless words
That swarm about my head
In all this endless world
That'll plague me till I'm dead

And all the things I told me
All I maintained to be true
Are all the things that I forget
Sitting here with you

Maybe that's alright
Maybe it never mattered anyway
Sitting here quietly 
I'll watch the patterns fray