Sunday, February 26, 2017

Expressing Expressions

I was born
With two left feet
Can't keep a beat

My fingers
Are all thumbs
Messing things up
Creating crumbs

I've got a pair of eyes
In the back of my head
Tears unshed

Hand to mouth
Is how I live
Forgotten dreams
Are what I give

Knee deep
One foot in the grave
Pay through the nose
Nothing left to save

On my shoulder
Rests a chip
On my back
Resides the whip

I give an arm
Then a leg
The earth gives a quake
Then a plague

I've got my fingers
In all the pies
The frog in my throat
Tells many lies

But only if
The cat lets go of my tongue
Only if
The foot in my mouth doesn't fill my lung

I cannot see
Beyond my nose
Like a weed
It always grows

I've put one foot down
Stuck the other in the door
One hand tied behind my back
The other's keeping score

My head's in the clouds
And also stuck in the sand
My fingers scrape the sky
While worms caress my hand

I've got a heart of gold
That is made of stone
On my sleeve
It's plainly shown

So here it is
For all to see
What exactly it is
Depends on what you make of me

Sunday, February 12, 2017

What I Am

I am
A teenage girl
Sitting here
Watching my life unfurl
A drama queen
An introvert
A no-nonsense
Little flirt

I am
An artist
Smiling face
Clenching fist
Blackened hands
From pencil lead
Scribled words
From my head

I am
My parent's daughter
And unsure
I have their strengths
And their faults
I have their love
And their vaults

I am
A dreamer
Dark worlds
Need a redeemer
Flitting thoughts
Need some ground
Silent worlds
Need some sound

I am
A sister
The worst pain
The best cure
A shoulder
A back hand
Head in the clouds
Feet mainly on land

I am
Little old me
Grown so much
Got years before I'm twenty
Dreaming big
Living small
Try to fly
Instead I fall

I am
A writer
A peace loving
Vicious fighter
A fun loving
Snooty snob
A loner
Worth a mob

I am
What I am
Like the rest
The black lamb
So very hard
I always try
And maybe, just maybe
This time I will fly