Sunday, June 24, 2018

Ivory Jail

On the tip of my tongue
Hidden behind my teeth
Going forth and back again
In circles like a wreath

Concealed by a smile
Trapped in an ivory jail
Where it can't be disputed
Where it can't fail

One simple sentence
Could lead to so much
Or to nothing at all
To the present I clutch

To pause for thought
Is to kill the notion
For thoughts lead to worry
Can't fight the emotion

When will it come out?
Who is to say
We may never know
Until comes that fateful day

When the notion spills out
And the sentence rings true
And it all lays bare
When I say it to you

But that day is not today
For I paused for thought too long
But I'm sure it will happen soon
 . . . Unless of course I'm wrong

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Oh Yes

Eternal, yet -

Falling away
Limited -
Irrevocable, and never
Scarring us

Benevolently with
Yesterdays and endings -

On we go, it
Hinders and aids

Yet is vacant
Empty and
Stark, it's

Incomplete -
Ticking away

Failing to
Last, yet
Infinite -
Essentially cruel, it
Serenely decays