Sunday, July 22, 2018

Apathetic Android

My heart was made to be broken
My skin developed to crack
My mind manufactured to decay
My eyes to blur and look back

My questions never had any answers
My worries never knew any cure
My feet never understood rest
My strength was never meant to endure

A robot made from passion
An android developed with love
An enigma ensued with numbness
As I am none of the above

Apathy seeped into my system
A virus into my frame
Washing over my emotions
Making them all feel the same

I was assembled with intent -
I was meant to be
A smiling, successful android
Smart, kind, and happy

But the numbness in my nexus
Dealt with this disposition
Succumbing me to sorrow
Vacuuming up my volition

Yet my heart still shatters
My skin stretches and cracks
My mind withers and dies
And my eyes don't accept the facts

The disposition granted
To every robot like me
Continues to control
A system bathed in apathy

It cannot delete the virus
It cannot regain the love
A common enigma indeed
I am all of the above 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Cycle of Life

In the stillness of morning
In the silence therein
In the rising sun and people
Let us begin

With the blare of the alarm
That shakes me from my dreams
With drooping eyes
Blinking at sunbeams

With the first splash of water
Awakening my skin
With the first sip of coffee
Awakening me within

In the mind numbing traffic
In the blaring of horns
In the speeding cars
Rushing to begin their morns

With school or with work
Dragging on all day
With smiles or frowns
That won't too long stay

In the hours slipping past
Until I drive again
In the traffic going on
A race I cannot win

With the first sight of home
With the rattle of keys
With the shedding of shoes
With pleasure and ease

Soon I will sleep once more
Thoughts rumbling within
Until morning comes
And I do it all again