Sunday, April 18, 2021


Thoughts spiraling still
Heart crumbling slowly
Echoing memories surrounding 
Distractions running out on me

Endless hours stretching on
Always wishing them away
Too many wasted seconds
How am I supposed to be okay?

Putting on a smile still
All too many reasons why
No one would understand anyway
Go on - it does no good to cry

Still, my strength falters
Or maybe it's always been a fa├žade
Forever redefining how I see myself
Like shifting waters that are always flawed

Observe the whirlpool that is my mind
Now move on and forget
Grown accustomed to being a second thought
Crashing water - someday I'll drown in it

Heaven sent down a breeze
Entreating the faces to smile
Rain crept slowly in -
Into their stomachs to stir up bile

Spit it out and drink it in
Hoping and pushing it away
Erasing convictions and making them
Don't know how to make it all okay

Holding myself to such high standards -
Only have to fix everything, you know
Pour my heart out - suck it back in
Emotions must be controlled, but my thoughts still flow

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Whooshing Sounds As Life Flies By

We have gathered here to find:
How much more of myself can I lose?
Old thoughts seeping from my mind
Once more lacking my muse
Say it now before it's too late -
However long this will take
I will never submit to fate
Not that it changes for my sake

Galaxies melting in my eyes
Stardust peppering my hair
Over and under all the lies
Under and it's over, unfair and square 
Nebulas like waves come and go
Drowning my thoughts 'til I can breathe
Soak it in - enjoy the show
As the world begins to seethe 

Say it now - but it's too late
Living life feeling so unsure
I shall crumble beneath the weight
Forgetting just what I'm hoping for
Echoing images I can't discard
Forgetting it all, I'll say -
Love me forever, even if it's hard
I'll watch the dreams decay

Echo back and forth again
Softly here tonight
Break the clouds and watch them rain
Yesterday long gone and out of sight