Sunday, October 28, 2018

Addicted To Words

Allow me to
Deviate from the truth
Devoted yet -
Indeed, since my youth

Careful now
True colors shining through
Enter at your own risk
Doubting everyone like you

Together we'll make it
Or perhaps not
Wonder if we'll ever make sense
Out of someone else's thought

Real in a way - like
Swallow it up -
      It's my fix[ation]

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Keep still - keep your heart
Insisting I've ripped it apart
Calloused hands do it well
Knowing all along I never fell

Instead ask me this -
Not without a foul tasting kiss
Go on - it spills from your lips
Take not away the tear as it drips

"Have you ever loved me at all?"
Everlasting words, they fall
Crashing to the floor
Abiding, alas, no more

"Never - never!" I cry
Dripping words that I lie
Over our broken hearts -
Wounded, no - shattered into parts

"Never" you agree
Twisting the knife you've stuck in me
How many years ago?
Everlasting love - no

Renouncing me, you leave
Only pieces of your heart stuck on your sleeve
All the rest remain with me
Damned to live forever in your memory