Sunday, August 19, 2018


Only a thousand thoughts inside my head
While a million words I have bled
A trillion masks I have shed

Falling asleep, pen in hand
Trying to make the world understand
None of this was ever planned

In a web of words I've been caught
In a dozen lies I never bought
In a hundred notions I never thought

In a never ending spiral that is time's
In wasted space and wasted rhymes
Shackled here for someone else's crimes

False and true mixed in my mind
Neither of them especially kind
Both of them making me blind

Living in a nightmarish fantasy
The truthful things fight back at me
Watch me escape into reality

With raging waters at my core
Stuck calmly here though inside's a war
Regurgitating thoughts forever more

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Lock & Key

Words that we whisper
Thoughts that we shout
You have no substance
So I'll dry heave you out

Absence of chains
Absence of light
Burning on through
The absence of night

Can't keep it out
Even when I try
Can't hold onto life
Everyone must die

Chasing tails
Dropped on their head
Dripping truths
The lies have bled

Inspiration hits
Like a brick
Lacking in substance
Rough and thick

Words that echo
In my mind
Thoughts that spill
Through a mouth unkind

Not done yet
Doubt I'll ever be
Here lies the proof
Behind lock and key