Sunday, April 22, 2018


Clear word
Sharp sentence
True thought
Cuts like glass

But muddled mind
Twisted wants
Overlapping thoughts
A kind of tasse

Atoms buzzing
World spinning
Mind racing
All is still

History repeating
Feet backtracking
Thoughts overlapping
Such a thrill

Guarded heart
Pumping hard
Shredded nerves
Is this real?

Like broken glass
Fragmented words
Shards re-shapen
Is how I feel

Varying colors
Like changing thoughts
But a broken prism
Is only glass

I'm not a warrior
Just a worrier
All these fears
It's only tasse


Tasse: one of a series of overlapping metal plates in a suit of armor [that form a short skirt over the body below the waist].

Sunday, April 8, 2018


Second verse
Missed the first
Way to go
Way too slow
Summer brings
Hot sticky things
While winter holds
Running noses, colds

And how could there possibly
Still be things to say to me
Things to say to you
Other than what is true?
Truth is dangerous
Though canorous
We think it'll bring
A happy spring

We forget-
Spring is muddy, wet
With melted pure white
Ignorance's plight
The season's turning
Signs of the burning
Just around the corner
The red hot scorner

What's so good about truth?
Was I worse off in my youth
When I knew even less?
I confess
I don't think so
Now, watching the flowers grow
Out of the destruction of the pure white
Waiting to burn in skepticism's light