Sunday, June 26, 2022


Before we get started
Understand just one thing -
Things are going to change
Turns out change is something time must bring
Hold tight - you might feel my mood swing

After it's finished 
Take just one lesson away -
Honey, nothing changes
All the mistakes must stay
Still holding - you can feel the ground sway

Begin again maybe
Eventually we'll get it right 
Eventually everything will make sense
Nothing hidden from the light -
Discrepancies bring the swinging into sight

One more time now
Negate all that doesn't fit
Everything paints a perfect picture
Take what you want, the rest we forget -
Only, the swaying won't quit

Dare to sway for awhile
Everything moves, you know
Anchoring down in place
Tears you up when harsh winds blow
Hold tight - pain comes when you grow

Sunday, June 12, 2022

No Wounds At All

When I start to feel myself fall
Will you know to catch me?
When I don't know what I feel at all
Aside from anxiety 
If my breath catches in my throat
And I don't know how to stay afloat 
Will you be able to understand
Things that I can't explain
No wounds at all but still feeling pain -
Will you be there to squeeze my hand?

When your smile starts to fade
Will I know how to revive it?
When you're crushed under the choices you've made
And just want to quit
If you've forgotten what you're struggling for
And you don't want to try anymore
Will I be able to be there
In the way that you need 
Not asking for a thing though you bleed -
I'll stay and run my fingers through your hair

When things aren't easy and don't feel right
Will we handle it okay?
When we disagree, will we fight
And watch all the good times fray?
If you build your walls till I can't get through
And I feel fragile and blame it on you
Can it end better than I foresee?
Predicting all the ways things could go wrong 
Try to dispel them, but I'm not that strong -
I'm falling, honey - can you catch me?

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Pieces & Bits

If I wait long enough
Will the words come?
If I think about it till I'm calloused and rough 
Then can I stay numb?
If none of it fits -
Who am I supposed to be?
Composing erratically 
Left with all these pieces and bits

If it takes too much time
When should I refrain?
If I don't embody the paradigm 
Will it always be a bane?
If I can't be what you crave
Might I satisfy myself instead?
Gather up every bit of skin I've tried to shed -
But that isn't the proper way to behave 

If it never comes at all
Is that really such a loss?
If I question every footfall
How will I ever cross?
If I don't know where I'm going
Would you help me find my way
Without asking me to stray
In a direction I'm not growing?

If I go where you don't want me to
Will you try to prune me?
If you don't like the way I grew
Will you accept who I want to be?
If I show you every lost lot and crumb
Picking up all the pieces and bits
Finding where everything truly fits -
Then can the words start to come?

Sunday, May 15, 2022

May It Ever Be

What is there to say?
Another year - another day
Building it all up, watching it all fray
Places to go, but I haven't found my way
Just what am I supposed to say?

What have I said so far?
Trying always to reach that bar
Stretching up to caress each star
Soothing every bruise and scar
What in the world have I said so far?

What am I supposed to do?
Something good - something true
Promise always to see it through
If only the way I knew
Just what am I supposed to do?

What have I done worthwhile?
None of it is tactile 
None of it important enough to compile 
Aside from meriting your smile 
What else could possibly be as worthwhile?

So what is there I could possibly say?
How can I accurately convey 
All the things that have and have not gone my way
In my twentieth year and a day?
I'm still just beginning to find my way

So what is there that I might find
In a world that isn't always kind
In my heart and in my mind
With my thoughts so intertwined?
May it ever be: never ending moments where the stars are aligned 

Sunday, April 24, 2022

They Said

They said pity the living
While you mourned the dead
I told you to give me a moment
So I might clear my head

And I'm not to be trifled with
But don't take me too seriously
Take from me no answers
And give me no pity

I'm a washout and a fluke
Full of platitude
I'll sit here for hours
Swinging like my mood

They said we're going nowhere
So I said watch me run -
Run out of time and grace
No more chances - we're all done

And do you resent me
For opening my lips
For wanting something more
For loosening these grips

Darling, you're getting old
All your joints will start to rust
You're doing it all backwards
And we're dancing in their dust

They said envy the dead
While you rejoiced over life
I said leave me here
So I might shed your strife

And I'll try to make you understand
But you'll just roll your eyes
Do I sound clever yet?
Caught in my web of lies

Make it into something more
Than it's ever been
Take a breath of fresh air
And we'll begin again