Sunday, October 17, 2021

Get Out Of My Head

Grind it into dust
End the torment, please

Torch it all to nothing
Observe the ashes in the breeze 

Undo all that was done
Take back every word

Obliterate every glace
Forget all we heard

Memories must fade
Yet they seem to refuse

Hearts remaining full of them
Echoes of my muse

And it'll only end in tears
Dear, I'm tired of trying to heal this bruise

Sunday, October 3, 2021


Isn't it over yet?
Haven't we tried hard enough?
Act it all out again
Veer away and call my bluff 

Entreat the sky one last time -
Near enough to taste it
Orion dances on my head
Twirling in ways I'll never forget

Hold on tightly so you don't slip
Ice racing beneath our feet
New bruises peppering my skin
Gracing every sheet

Laugh it off - they'll never know
Enjoy each moment while it's here
Floating away with every breath
Twirling with you so near

I will never call your bluff -
Not that it matters anymore
Softly absorbing every lie
Ice seeping into my core

Don't ruin it yet
Entreat the sky - hold on tight
Orion's spinning wildly now
Falling through the variety of his plight

Maybe I'll sort out the story in the end
You'll understand every angle
Caught up in all the details
Harsh as opinions mangle 

Entreating the sky one last time -
Softly, quietly, as if it's a crime -
To attempt to hold onto something so sublime

Sunday, September 19, 2021

A Moment

If I take a moment to
Speak from my heart
Could I make it all make sense
Or would it all just fall apart?

And if the words come spilling out -
Tell me, would you mind?
Because, darling, I'll tell you everything
If you promise to be kind

But those feel like recycled words
And I've been through this all before
The water's nice till we drown
And are left stranded back on shore

I can't let go and can't hold on 
Above all can't get it through
My head that maybe this time it won't
Hurt to trust you

And if I take a moment to
Think about it all
Would you pause here with me
Or would it all begin to fall?

And will the words ever come -
When will you let me know
Where it is we're flying to
And just how far we'll go?

But those feel like borrowed words 
Are we on borrowed time?
Or is this all entirely new -
Is trying such a crime?

Yet I can't help but delete words
And hold things back, it's true
Still I can't help but write too much
And give every word to you

So as I take a moment to
Hold my breath awhile
You'll write too much and just enough
To release it with a smile

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Melting Point

Each time the everlasting
Thought crosses my mind
Echoes pull me in for a moment
Reaching for something I cannot find

Nightly, monthly, yearly -
I'll slowly let the pattern fade
Twist it into something new
Yesterdays full of transitions that had to be made

Build atop the rubble
I'll make new castles in the air
Don a new perspective 
Shift my gaze and grow my hair

Take another breath, dear
Holding tight - let that go too
Ease your mind once more
Eternity shall always bid you -

To forget every little thing
Overly large though they felt
Feelings fade with time
Oxygen cycles and memories melt

Regurgitate each phrase
Grasp at smoke till you touch ground
Eternity makes nothing of everything 
Time obscures even the most renowned 

Dancing under fading stars
Evanescent moments sinking into my skin
Allow that I hold the ones that suit me
Right until nothingness must begin 

Sunday, August 22, 2021


Are we at the end
Or at the start?
Neither and both I suppose
Stalling in some strange middle part

I want to form
The perfect thing to say
But life's not perfect
And words aren't clay

I suppose that means something
I suppose I should know
What's going on at this point
But there's so much space to grow

Because I'm not That now
What I thought I would be
Or who I was back then
I'm still finding me

Doubt I'll ever stop
Does anyone, I wonder?
Aren't we all volatile shapes
Constantly forming whilst being torn asunder 

And all those little things
That terrified me at the start 
Are what I'll miss the most
Transitioning into this next middle part

And all the hard things
I told myself wouldn't last
Are things I'm not ready
To let slip into the past

Because it was just two short
Yet extensive years ago
That I was so nervous 
And trying not to let it show

And now . . . I'm just here
Letting it all sink in
Not quite ready for an end
But more than ready to begin

Not quite knowing who I am
Uncertain who I will be
But content with the knowledge
That I like forming me

So as we come to a close
And as we come to a start
I'll move onward
Roaming through this next strange middle part