Sunday, July 28, 2019

Terra Firma

I used to bite my nails when I was nervous
Now I sink my teeth into my skin
So I can feel something simple
A truth not quite so thin

It was my strong guiding light
The moon that fought so hard for control
Pockmarked but unbroken
The emotional tides have swallowed it whole

It was my inspiring comforter
The sun that sometimes hurt and burned
Blazing on through the rain
Now the tides have turned

All the trouble that they caused
What finally broke them was out of their reach
Trying to help clean someone else's mess
They drowned in the bleach

I used to bite my tongue when I was angry
Now I do it to keep back the tears
So I don't add to the rushing tides
Choking on my fears

They used to listen and understand
These stars that blinked out one by one
Extinguished in the tide
Smothering the last bit of fun

The earth is cracking under the pressure
Water crashing into its core
It pushes back with all its might
So scared of losing this war

I used to fall to bits so easily
Now I'm trying to stay firm and hold it all together
As I watch my sky crumble
Standing shakily in this rainy weather 

Monday, July 15, 2019

Is The World Still On Your Shoulders

I can't go on like this -
Shattering so easily
Try as I may
Hardness eludes me

Ever the dramatizer
Won't let it worry you
On we go
Running out of things to do

Lie and say it's fine
Don't and say it's not
Still get the same response -
Thinking me tougher than you ought

If I change it up or not -
Looking up every other day
Life will go on
Onward always - now are we okay?

No, not right now
You ruined my already bad time
Observe my sinking face
Underneath all the grime

Really not all that bad -
Shouldn't I be fine?
How'd I get so freakishly fragile?
Only just making it to the next line

Understand I must avoid you
Like a plague of saltwater in my eyes
Don't try to talk sense into me -
Emotions make it sound like lies

Reality will arbitrate for us one day
Shattering or strengthening this guise