Sunday, July 31, 2016


Last night I saw a ghost
Of a place that used to be
You know, it drove away the sun
But we still had light to see

Memories flash through my head
Of this place that haunts my dreams
I try to grab a hold of them
But they all tear at the seams

It all falls apart in my hands
My dreams and memories
They vanish in the darkness
They blow away in the breeze

And I am left here alone
Nothing but a ghost
A ghost of who I used to be
The one who felt the most

I felt too much
And it broke me
I wanted you all so much
But had to break free

Today I saw a ghost
Of a broken family
You know, they drove away their son
The son I used to be

I remember the days before things went wrong
We were all so happy
Everything was good, back then . . .
Did things go wrong because of me?

Everything turned sour
You and mom began to fight
You disappeared most days
You squished out our light

Later mom would say
That you both had worked things out
Yet things were never the same
Why did you always have to shout?

I heard people tell you both -
"Stay together for the kids"
But what was the use
When staying together put our happiness on skids?

Every night I'd see a ghost
Of a happy family
And one day I could no longer take it
Did you ever come after me?

I ran away much too young
So many years ago today . . .
I haven't seen any of you since
Was I right to go away?

Soon I will see a ghost
Of a place that used to be
I don't know what I will find there
But what I'm looking for is me

Saturday, July 16, 2016

For You, For Me

Some people like to ask -
"Why is it you write?"
And for a moment when they do
I think of taking flight
For how am I to answer?
How do I explain?
Why it is I choose
To show all the world my pain?
Why I lay bare my soul
For everyone to see
Why I do this for them
And, even more so, for me

But then they ask again -
"Why is it you write?"
So I pause to think and say -
"It is the only way I know how to fight
It is my only defense
Against a darkness called Me
It is the only way
I know how to be free
It is my escape
And it is my cage
It is my happiness
And it is my rage."

"We don't understand," they say -
"Tell us truly why you write."
And I tell them -
"So I can shine a light
I tell you all of strength
So I can inspire
I show you people's worth
So I might get what I desire
I desire knowledge
To know the world is moral, kind, and true
And in order to convince myself of it
I must first convince you.

I write to find the truth
And always discover more than one
I write to experience magic
And to prove that there is none
I am my own contradiction
I am both the protagonist and antagonist who writes
I write to prove there can be happily ever after's
And that there's no such thing, nor fairies or knights
I write to show that the world is beautiful
But also that it's grotesque
Some people shout their opinions from the rooftops
But I prefer to sit quietly at my writing desk

I sit, find what I think, contradict myself
And somehow prove to the world I'm right
I try to inspire everyone, myself included, to think
And that is why I write."

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Cold Gold

What if
The sun set
In the east?
What if
The homeless man on the corner
Had money enough for a feast?
What if
The handsome prince
Was truly a horrid beast?

What if
The stars came out
During the day?
What if
The smiling person
Wasn't truly okay?
What if
We all stopped saying
'Maybe someday'?

What if
The sun rose
In the west?
What if
The homely peasant
Was the hero for this quest?
What if
Good people
Were put under arrest?

What if
The sun came out
At night?
What if
Could take flight?
What if
Everything would truly
Turn out all right?

What if
We just turned everything
On it's head?
They say the handsome are good
But what if
The living were dead?
For these rules don't apply
When the outside layer
Is shed

Inside are you
A handsome prince
With a heart of gold?
Or a grotesque villain
With a heart
So cold?
And could I believe you
If you

A horrid beast
Could lie behind
The mask
Or a brave soul
Strong enough
For this task
The world is
A question
You just have to ask