Sunday, July 23, 2017

Between Me and You

Between me and you
Lies an ocean
Between me and you
We share emotion
Between me and you
There's so much distance
Between me and you
No resistance

Between you and me
We share our laughter
Between you and me
There's miles and miles after
Between you and me
You're in my heart
But between you and me
Is the space that keeps us apart

Sunday, July 9, 2017

If You Care To Know

Like a pleasant painting
Lovely at a distance
Colorful and profound
Showing humility or omnipotence

The colors and the movement
That make you smile or cry
Things that make you feel
And think to question why

But move a little closer
You'll see all the detail
All the struggle and personality
That make it work or fail

You'll also see the mistakes
The faults and the quirks
The redos and the fails
The secret that lurks

With a pleasant painting
You may want to stay back
So you don't see the faults
The perfection everything must lack

But if you care to know
All the details that make the whole
Be prepared to find good and bad
In the painting of my soul