Sunday, December 24, 2017

Life That Did Die

I'm wasting time skipping pages
Skimming through the ages
Once upon a time - the end
Once upon an enemy - a friend
Once upon a nightmare - a dream
Once upon a loner - a team

Duos that didn't
Present days gone and went
Tired eyes that rested
Free birds that nested
Seas that ran dry
Life that did die

Life that did die?
And then the question why
Five stages, feels like more
Banging on a forever shut door
Crying out to the world
Under my blanket you'll find me, in a fetal position curled

We wasted so much time
Didn't think it such a crime
Didn't think it such a waste
Didn't yet have a taste
Of a life said and done
Darling, we should have run

You can't outrun death, they say
But you can run during life, night and day
Not letting the skimmed pages pile
Making it all worth while
Running for today and tomorrow
Because if tomorrow will ever come - you don't always know 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Follow Me Down

Marks on my hands
From pens and from pain
Dreams in my head
Some even sane

Down comes the ax
To chop off forgotten plans
Down comes the water
To wash off my hands

I'm listening, promise -
Just not to you
Headphones in
Listening to something true

I'm watching, swear
Through tinted glass
Imitations seen
I guess they'll pass

They move their mouth funny
Trying to shuffle words
They're jumping high
Trying to catch birds

I cut myself with erasers
Trying not to leave stains
I stay put
Trying not to rattle the chains

Shuffling meaningful words
Into meaningless lines
Flexing random muscles
Into an expression no one minds

Unique, you know
One in a million
Cliche and old
One of a trillion

Marks on my hands
From things I don't know
Dreams in my head
On we go