Sunday, August 30, 2015


Child, please hear me out
Won't you listen before you begin to pout?

Won't you get it through your head
That it makes no sense to die before you're dead

Won't you get it into your mind
That only fools cannot see but aren't blind

Won't you get it through your brain
That just because something's different doesn't make it insane

Won't you get it into your heart
That the thought of failing shouldn't make you too scared to start

Won't you get it through your soul
That someday the fire will fizzle out and leave nothing but coal

Won't you get it into your skull
That just because you raise up doesn't mean that you have to fall

Child won't you realize
That you have the potential to be wise?

Won't you get in through your head
That you don't have to be hanging on by a thread

Won't you get it into your mind
That just because some aren't doesn't mean that you can't be kind

Won't you get it through your brain
That you don't have to be the reason others feel pain

Won't you get it into your heart
That you and your morals don't have to always part

Won't you get it through your soul
That you can have some self control

Won't you get it into your skull
That when someone needs help you can answer their call

Child . . . Won't you listen?
In a world of dark you have the means to glisten

Won't you try and spread that light?
Stop this tomfoolery and put up a fight?

Because everyone has the potential to be wise
They just need a little help to realize

They just need a little bit of help from you
To see that they can glisten too

Monday, August 24, 2015

Only You

Swallow the doubt.
Force a smile.
Hold my tongue
for more than a while.
But inside I'm drowning
and it's just not fair
that nobody notices
and no one seems to care.
I need some help.
Someone to understand.
But when I reach out
no one takes my hand.
I smile now
because maybe then
people will like me
and I can win.

Work all day.
Cry all night.
Feel so low.
Can't stand up and fight.
Feel like a stranger
in my own home.
Feel let down.
Got no where to roam
where I can be me
through and through.
Feel like a slave.
I'm so blue.
Feel like a monster.
I need to run away
but only you
understand why I can't stay.

Monday, August 17, 2015


     As I look at the stars burning bright I think about how long it takes for their light to get to me, and how very small I must seem to a mountain standing so tall.  But if I am so small to everything how is it I can feel like a king?  If my life does not matter, then why does my heart often shatter?  If I am but dust to the sky why do I feel pain or cry?  If nothing knows I am here, why then must I experience fear?
     Stars go out but do not feel pain, falling doesn't hurt the rain, mountains fall but cannot make themselves raise again, and stars that race across the sky can't rejoice if they win.
     But why then do I feel less important than the sky?  Why am I the one who has to die?  I can feel joy, pain, strife, so why am I the one with a limited life?
     Maybe I am as important as the sky . . . after all; we both must cry.

Monday, August 10, 2015


I'm at a loss for words
It seems I've run out
Of thing to whisper
And of things to shout
I feel so useless
So impermanent, you see
Because when I die life will go on
. . . Will anyone remember me?
I want to make my mark on the world
A good mark, of course
And I'm trying so hard
But don't seem to have enough force

I'm so very scared
And I don't always know why
But sometimes I start to shake
And at night I often cry
But why must I cry?
My life isn't bad!
And my grief never stays
Just a passing fad . . .
And that's what scares me
Being a passing thing
I want to be more than that
Go down in history like a king

But what's to be done?
What's been left unsaid?
By now everything's a cliche
Even the thoughts in my own head
So what's the point of trying?
What's the point of it all?
What's the point of raising up
When it just gives you a longer way to fall?
Well, I'm done worrying about all that
I'm too tired to continue, you see
And when I die
It's okay if life goes on without me

Because the thing about living
Is that someday it has to end
But I'll console myself with knowing
That while I lived I was a student, mentor, and a friend
And I think that's pretty good
Maybe even great
Even if I can't go down as a king
I still don't have to leave it up to fate
Because not everyone in the world
Is going to remember me
But I know my friends will
And that's a guaranty

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Have That Wasn't

Too much love
Too much hate
Swallow my doubt
Leave it up to fate
Give a little
Get none
Not enough
And too much fun
Dreams come true
Without a doubt
But not fast enough
To suppress your shout

Once upon a time
Is always far away
Time should stand still
Because here I stay
But time moves on
Sometimes without me
Because I stay the same
While everything else changes completely

1, 2, 3,
Time to sing
Ordered about
By at least one king
A, B, C,
Count to ten
The lines smudge
With ink from a pen
Step one, step two,
Step here, step there
But orders can't make
You dance without a care

Suck it up
Soak it in
Who's to lose
Who's to win?
Hold it back
Let it go
Smile a yes
Frown a no

Go ahead
Why stop now?
Curtains closed
Time to bow
Shake it off
Fall to the floor
Because you took too much
But still want more
Go right on
Who's to stop you?
Common knowledge
But no one knew

Spin about
'til you fall
There's nothing left
They took it all
Dizzying turns
We all fall down
Don't want the chains
But can't wear the crown

All have bubbles
That sometimes pop
All have nightmares
That need to stop
All have monsters
Under their bed
All have fears
Running through their head
All have memories
That they regret
All have might-have-been's
Like the day we met . . .

But that's life
Sending us on our way
Not always great
But that's okay
Because when comes the bad
We can remember the good
And forget our regrets
And the have that wasn't, but could