Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Little Brother

My little brother is: A Pill
He never thinks of others and always takes his fill
He's lazy, immature, and all around a pain
He's always trying to swindle others for his own gain
He thinks I'm bossy, rude, and the type of person who always thinks they're right
We often make each other mad and we always seem to fight

My little brother is: My Friend
We'll stick together till the very end
I listen to him, and him to me
When one is sad the other tries to make them happy
We can sit and talk for hours, for each other we'll always be there
Even if we get in each other's hair

My little brother is: A Hassle
When we were small he'd always topple my block castle
I'm constantly stressing and worrying about him
Afraid he'll be hurt, whether emotionally or by breaking a limb
I try to shield and protect, but he gets angry when I do
I often try to parent him, so he thinks I'm a hassle too

My little brother is: Just That
We disagree like dog and cat
We're worst enemies and best of friends
How we act towards each other every day differs and depends
We fight, we laugh, we yell, we listen, and we tease each other
And I know I'll always love my little brother

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Blind Wisdom

I'm no natural
None of this comes easy
I'm no perfect girl
That's just not me
You think my words flow
So simply from my mind
You think I find it easy
To obey the rules, blind

But you aren't here for my struggles
You don't see when things go wrong
You don't notice
When my morality isn't strong
You don't understand
The tornado inside
You don't realize
All the times I have lied

It isn't real
These things that I write
You think they're me
But they're not quite
I try to find myself in these words
But I'm never completely there
The words hide me
The sentences tear

It's all a lie, you know
That is what I do
But my lies are so pretty
That even I think they're true
Trying to sort out
The truths from the lies
Is impossible
For each word denies

Can you help me understand?
Tell me, am I false?
Is everything about me a lie?
Do I even truly have a pulse?
None of it makes sense
None of it rings true
Up is down
Red is blue

And it all just keeps going
None of it ever ends
The bold cry in silence
While the coward defends
The honest lie
The sad smile
I pour out my heart
And I'm lying all the while

Complete honesty?
No; I must save face
Blunt the sword
Poison the lace
Beautify the ugly
And damage the good
I don't know how to stop
But would I, if I could?

For these words
With beauty and grace
Make people feel
And think to question the lace
Is it so bad
To fictionalize my soul?
To make everything lovely
Or more horrid than coal?

Is it so bad
To want to paint myself a thing of wisdom?
Is it so bad
To want to build myself a protective kingdom?
Answer me honestly
Tell me what you think
For I am not a thing of wisdom
And I need someone to make my list of questions shrink

So what do you say?
What is the answer?
Do tell me if you know
But only if you're sure