Sunday, November 26, 2017

Modify Me

It's too blue
Change it
It's not bad
It just doesn't fit

We're looking for something
A little more pink
That just isn't for us
Don't you think?

Oh, no, no:
It's much too hot
We're looking for more a pastel
And that's, well, not

No!  Too soft!
Too pink, too light
Maybe purple's more your style
I'm sure you can get it right

Well, now that's too purple
Perhaps make it a little gray
Almost there now
You'll get there someday

Give it one more try
We're going to love it, I know
Just a little more work
Then watch how far you'll go

I am sorry, dear
Really, it's nothing wrong with you
It's just, well . . .
We're looking for something a little more blue

Sunday, November 12, 2017


There's no method to my madness
No reason in my rhyme
You're running out of patience
And I'm running out of time

In this dance of life
I spin and I fall down
I lost my ignorance
And you lost your crown

But what do you make of me?
Who do you think I am?
You discovered a slyness
And I uncovered your sham

I swear I'm not crazy
Just a little unwell
I may have went in circles
But you're the one that fell

There's no crazy in my madness
No rhythm in my rhyme
You've lost your patience
And I'm out of time

In this dance of death
I stop and I fall down
Have you ever been ignorant?
Have you ever been made to frown?

But what am I to make of you?
Just who do you think you are?
Any method for your means
And still you didn't get far

You swear you're not crazy
But you're more than a little unwell
So I'll circle away from you
As you fall into hell