Saturday, December 21, 2019


Dizzy with options -
Options spinning in my head
Nauseous from the motion
Onward til I'm dead

Take my hand, we'll leave this place
Forget it and move on
Onward toward a new tomorrow
Rising with the dawn

Gazing at the rushing days
Endeavor to savor their dance
Twirling with little grace
Taking one last chance

Open your eyes, expand your lungs
Breathe your worries away
Release all you're holding onto
Empty now - it needn't stay

After all the choices have been made
Take my hand, we'll rest awhile
Hold on tight and don't look back
Expand your lungs, relax, and smile

Do not forget to breathe, dear
Endeavor to savor this too
And when everything is said and done
Remember me - I will remember you

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Empty Air

I'm tired of my own words
All about me, they fly
Making me flinch and duck
Justified every silly truth and lie

Understanding it all
Still knowing so little
Touching no one
Aching to be less brittle

Protect me from myself
Rally forces against me
Obliterate my every thought
Bombard me with reality

Let this version of me die
End all my past regret
Memories flood my head -
All the expectations I never met

Neglecting past mistakes
Disturb them not, I pray
No - let them be forgotten
Only, they'll never go away

Once more, let me restart
No - I'm still so tired
Everything remains the same
Hurling forth words, however uninspired

Always clinging to the past
Searching for a better future
Endured every false step
Vigilantly re-closing every suture

Earnestly fighting against myself
Reality never cared
Sincerity never answered
Only stood there and stared

Lost myself in words and words
Vehemently searching for me there
Echos I run after
Dead-ending in nowhere

I'll find myself in the responding silence
Twirling in the empty air