Sunday, February 5, 2023

Has The World Been Unkind

Tell me about your day
Has the world been unkind?
Lost in the fray 
Are you losing your mind?

Did your last thread break
And shatter your calm
Did the whole world shake 
And fall from your palm

Have you been taking care 
Of your health and your heart?
Do you have things to share
Or do you not know where to start?

Is it all bouncing round
Inside of your head
Does it drown out all sound
Do you hear thoughts instead

I'll listen for as long
As you need to confide 
Tell me all that's gone wrong
Tell me how hard you've tried

Let me hold you until
We've soothed your heart and your mind
Let me hold you still
Until the world feels kind


  1. that may take an extension of time.

  2. That may take an extension of time