Sunday, January 22, 2023


It's important that you be yourself 
It's important to fit in
It's important not to eat too much
And to not be too thin

Look at yourself
All the edges that don't fit
In the circular hole they've given you
Look at the funny way you sit

Why can't you sit straight?
Oh, I wonder why -
Why don't you laugh more?
Why can't you cry?

So heartless not to care
So sensitive to mind
So perceptive and judgmental 
So naive and so blind

All that matters is how you finish
But you call that a place to start?
Always try to save face
But I pick mine apart

Apart from all the expectations
What is there left to do?
Drenched in all the conjecture 
Losing your grip on you

Because it's important that you be yourself
Just be the self they want to see
It's important that you be yourself
But I'd rather just be me

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