Sunday, March 5, 2023

Everything Is Untouched

Even unto my last breath
Visceral retches clawing at the air
Even unto my very death
Reality shall taste so rare
Yesterdays marred and tainted 
Truth and memory are not acquainted 
Here at last I'll find my peace
Inside the silent void
Nothing left - all life destroyed 
Going where even time must cease

Inside oblivion I might find
Serenity or chaos
Until then, I'll lose my mind
Never minding such a loss

Touched by stars, stuck in grime 
Oozing from my pores 
Untie the noose, unfurl in time
Changing the locks on all my doors 
Heat the knobs till they can't turn
Ending everything in a single burn
Dancing in the ashes
But fire can't burn forever
Untie the knots before they sever 
Time lost in distant flashes

Forget them all, these words I say
Or these letters that I type 
Reality holds more sway
Ever more than any earthly gripe 

Visceral reactions have no place
Enclosed in civilized assembly 
Real or not, wipe them from my face
Caught in lifelong hypocrisy 
Here at last we'll all find peace
Amidst the crowd where individuality must cease 
Never minding that it's all an act
Growing ever more or less deranged 
Everything is untouched but forever changed
Drowning in the abstract 

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