Sunday, October 11, 2020

As For Me

The lonely in-between 
For those who never quite belong
In this place or the other
It all feels slightly wrong

As for me, all I want
When it all boils away
Is consistency in myself
And for everything to be okay

But myself, it denies me
Such simplicity of life
And life, it refuses
To be without strife

In between who I am
And what it is you see
Is the idea that I act
The way I think you see me

And I like me the most
When seen through your eyes
Are they rose-colored still?
Have I lost my disguise?

As for me, all I have
At the end of the day
Is a million racing thoughts
And not a whole lot to say

In this in-between
Where it's not one thing nor the other
Your smile means nothing to me
But I'm dying to see another

And nobody quite fits
Not one is like the rest
And no one knows the truth
After everything I've confessed 

It's all ambiguous and vague
Because nothing's absolute
We're all unique and yet the same
So very fickle and resolute 

As for me, I'm in the in-between
Where all of us reside
I'm not quite sure where we're going
But I'll enjoy the ride

Sunday, September 20, 2020


Tonight, let's watch the world fade
Hold me and forget
Everything worrying you
Reality - let's take a break from it

Enjoying the moment
And the feeling of your hand
Resting in mine
Earnestly feeling you understand

Talk to me and remember
How we truly feel
I'll remember eternally
Nothing ever felt so real

Get lost in conversation
Stay until we're found
I'll find who you truly are
We'll still stay here safe and sound

And I used to feel so cold
Now you keep me warm
Talking slowly
Til the right words form

Or we can lay in near silence
Softly whispering your name
And I used to be so cold -
You set my heart aflame

Tonight, let's watch the world fade
Or watch ours take shape instead
Your hand resting in mine
Our whole lives ahead
Unified by all the words we ever said 

Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Days That Never Came

Daydreams swirl around me
Remembering the days that never came
Enjoy pondering the possibility
Agitated that reality will never be the same

Memories that never were
Softly invade my head
Oscillate between my thoughts
Focused on words never actually said

Me and you, in an alternate world
Elated with no end
Me and you, what could have been
Only possible in the pretend

Reality attempts to dispel -
I continue dreaming
Endeavors to disenchant me -
Still, my thoughts are gleaming

Tomorrow, perhaps, I'll give it up
Haven't had the heart to yet
Agitating as it is -
Troubled me since the day we met

Never could get you out of my head
Endings haven't stopped you
Visiting my dreams so often
Enjoy the notions, and hate them too

Recalling a future that never was -
Wishes that reality will forever disclaim
Endeavoring to give them up, they
Remain through ice and flame

Echoing the days that never came

Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Cost

I'll watch the sun set
Darkness slowly moving in
Over the land and through the sky
Night sinking into my skin

Once upon a midnight thought
Thinking of anything but you
Wishing on the stars
And everything else I'm supposed to do

Nature whispers in my ear
Tonight, we'll just forget
Tonight, we'll be at peace
Only, I must let go of everything sunlit

Tomorrow, we'll worry again
Hurry to finish it all
I don't care anymore
No - tonight, we can watch the rain fall

Killing time til I die
Always waiting for the stars to shine
Bathing in moonlight and thoughts
Opaque notions I can't define

Understanding everything
Tonight, I don't care
Yesterday, nothing made sense
Or vice versa, lying there

Until the starlight fills the air
All my thoughts will swirl
Near enough to touch now
You can watch me unfurl

Midnight will bring serenity
Opaque memories I'll leave behind
Rushing time will bring perspective
Eventually, I'll get you off my mind

Day turns to night - present becomes past
Each moment is slowly lost
And pain is the price of life sometimes
Really, it's not such an unreasonable cost

Sunday, August 9, 2020


I ran out of things to say
How many words ago?
All the thoughts kept pouring out
Tighten my grip - go with their flow

Eyes are windows to the soul -
Tell me, what happens when we cry?
Has your soul dripped out yet?
Empty as a clear sky

What if I catch your tears
And hold them in my palm?
You can let go of the pain
I'll keep it until things calm

Loosen my grip - try to think
Of anything else at all
Vicious cycles circle the air
Enjoying everything but the fall

Turn up the music - turn off my brain
Humming memories flow
Echoing through every note
Warm feelings start to grow

And then it turned to bitter cold
You shiver too, I bet . . . I think
Ice grows so quickly
Told myself not to blink

How many words to go?
Useless amounts spiral out
Rolling off your tongue no more
Tightened lips full of doubt

Shiver - tremble - hold my tears
Well them up in my eyes
Has my soul dripped out yet?
Empty as a smiling guise

Notes still seep between my ears
I'll keep them until I'm calm
Listening to my memories
I'll feel your fingers in my palm

Silly tunes that always bring
Thoughts of your eyes - hands - smile
Enjoy them - hate them - need them
Needlessly torturing myself for awhile

Tighten my grip and try to think
Of anything else at all
I'll still allow them to replay
Til all the stars fall